Greetings! Here is the HLA update for Wednesday, March 21st:

The recent events in France have provided an opportune time for us at HLA to make sure that our safety protocols and policies are in place to provide safety and security for our children and staff. I have reached out to our local Police Department Community Relations Division to ensure that we do everything to protect our children and staff. While we are being advised that this incident is not expected to have any impact in the United States, we are committed to taking all necessary precautions to ensure a high level of safety and security. We have contacted our local precinct of the NYC Police Department. They have advised us that that though they do not know of any specific cause for concern in our area, they have two additional vehicles patrolling schools and houses of worship in our precinct. The extra police presence is being provided to assure safety. Additionally, this is a good time for parents and guardians to make sure that the contact information in our main office is up to date.

Also, please remember that Parent/Teacher Conferences are April 3, 2012. Please submit your appointment time preference sheet to your child’s teacher. Conferences are by appointment only. All students will be dismissed at 12 noon. We look forward to seeing you there.


Thank you.