Greetings! Here are the HLA updates for Tuesday, March 6, 2012:

Alan Cohen, General Studies teacher from Tel-Aviv has been out ill. We wish Mr. A. a speedy recovery! Also, we would like to inform you that there is a new 3rd grade teacher, Mr. Neemos, who will begin on Monday, March 12th. Our new music teacher, Mr. Mack will also begin full time on Monday March 12th.  Our new Director of Operations is Ms. Judy Halaby, and she will start on March 12, 2012.  Reminder that the “bonus” teacher for Yerushalyim is Ms. Modaferri and she also will start on March 12, 2012.   Some of our Hebrew language teachers participated in ELLOPA training today, and substitute coverage was provided.  ELLOPA stands for Early Language Learning Oral Proficiency Assessment. This training helps our Hebrew teachers assess our children more effectively. The copy machine in the main office needs a new part which is expected to arrive no later than Thursday. It is possible that some classes may not have received their homework packet as a result.

There was a recent malfunction with the boiler in our building we are renting while there were no children in the building.   While this negatively affected the basement, according to the Fire Department the floors HLA occupies (2nd and 3rd) are safe. We very much appreciate the concern parents have for the safety of their children and we share that concern. To make sure that there is no problem in our space we have contracted with a private expert company to do air-testing. They will be in the school within the next couple of days and we will have results soon afterwards. We will share those results with the parents and staff once we receive them.

We are happy to report that we have secured an interim facility for the next two years while our long-term permanent space is being built. The location is just over 4 blocks from our current school location. The address is 1340 East 29th Street between Avenues M and N. It is an existing school building in excellent condition. It was formerly a Catholic school. It is not unusual in New York that public schools have rented former Catholic schools. Of course we will continue to be a school that rigorously observes the separation of Church and State. We will cover up all religious symbols in the building and a statue on the outside of the building above the entrance.

Have a great day!