Board of Trustees

  • Shari Lipner, Chair
  • Mike Tobman, Vice-chair
  • Stella Binkevich, Treasurer
  • Aaron Listhaus, Secretary
  • Ella Zalkind
  • Rev. Karim Camara
  • Norman Green

Board of Trustees Meetings 2017-2018


Tuesday, July 18th

Tuesday, August 15th

Tuesday, September 19th

Tuesday, October 17th

Tuesday, November 21st

Tuesday, December 19th


Tuesday, January 23rd

Tuesday, February 13th

Tuesday, March 20th

Tuesday, April 17th

Tuesday, May 15th

Tuesday, June 19th


All meetings start at 6:45 pm. October and December 2017 and February, April and June 2018 Board Meetings will take place at HLA 2 located at 1870 Stillwell Avenue, Brooklyn. NY.

Peter Katcher

Head Of School
Peter Katcher

Robyn Coghlan

General Studies Curriculum and Instruction Director, Lower School
Robyn Coghlan

My favorite memory from teaching and learning...

When I was in third grade the teacher gave us a writing assignment where we had to describe the career we would like to pursue later on. I couldn’t choose between being a librarian, teacher, banker or flight attendant, so I wrote about them all. The flight attendant career went by the wayside in about 8th grade after I realized it wasn’t a very glamorous job! I was a school librarian for a year and I did work for a period of time, in a bank. And so to teaching: I enjoy all subjects, I love learning and I need to discuss what I am learning. My happiest times growing up were at school and I regularly played teacher with my friends, my dog and even by myself. Early on, I recognized that I had a talent for being able to observe a learner, understand their strengths and know the next thing that they needed to learn. Teaching is where I could I practice my strengths all day, learn about infinite subjects and surround myself with people who have a thirst for learning. My vocation has grown to mean something even more important. Someone once wrote, “What is a life? What do we leave behind that cannot be erased by wind or time or memory?” Teaching someone to be a successful and contributing member of society is why I teach.

I joined HLA because...

I think in almost every teacher’s career there are times when one thinks if I had my own school and could do anything I wanted, I would do… Reading HLA’s charter was like reading about the dream model for a school. HLA has responsibilities and yet, the freedom to choose and emphasize things that I believe are important to education.

My vision for our children at HLA...

I would like to borrow some of the social studies and service learning narrative from the charter as a way of explaining my vision for the children of HLA., that “children will be exposed to a rigorous intellectual tradition that analyzes culture and history in an open and unrestricted way” and there is a desire to “help all children understand and appreciate the value of their own cultural distinctiveness in the context of the shared universal culture. I particularly want the education of our children to be experiential with a focus on the action and reflection process in order to come to deep understandings.

Arleen Danon

Hebrew Studies Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Arleen Danon

I became a teacher because...

I have always delighted in the sheer joy of the “Aha” moment – that magical intersection of just the right circumstances when a person’s face lights up with the glow of “I get it!” Being an educator provides countless opportunities to nurture and share in these moments of discovery that mark the intellectual and emotional development of children. For an educator, there is nothing more fulfilling

My favorite memory from teaching and learning...

As a young adolescent, music was an important portal into Hebrew language and Israeli culture for me. As my music collection increased, so did my vocabulary, along with a deepening appreciation for the rich and varied rhythms so characteristic of Israeli music. When I became a Hebrew language teacher, I came to understand the transformative power that music can have in the language classroom. Hearing my students joyfully singing a song on the playground that I had taught them was very exciting. When they later told me that they wanted the song on their iPods, I realized that this song could have a far-reaching impact on them.

I joined HLA because...

I joined HLA because I love to work with children. I love their curiosity, their imagination,their enthusiasm, and their laughter. And I equally love the Hebrew language. I love to hear it, speak it, read it, and write it. I love its cadence, its expressions, its intonation, and even its idiosyncrasies. As a member of the HLA staff and leadership team, I look forward to contributing to this diverse learning community, where I can interweave these two passions in support of the school’s mission.

My vision for our children at HLA...

My vision for HLA is to continue to develop as a community of learners, where supported by all of the school’s constituencies, each student progresses in Hebrew language proficiency and across all of the disciplines, with confidence and competence, guided by respect for self and others.

Sarit Delouya

Hebrew Studies Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Hebrew Language Academy Charter School

Michelle Galeotti

Director of School Operations
Hebrew Language Academy Charter School

Natalie Guiteau

General Studies Curriculum and Instruction Director, Middle School
Hebrew Language Academy Charter School

Jillian Streitmarter

Director of Student Support Services
Hebrew Language Academy Charter School